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LIFX Z Connector Cable

LIFX Z Connector Cables allow you to extend your LIFX Z to suit your needs. Custom made for the LIFX Z 4 pin design.

Available in 10cm length, ideal for corners or 90 degree directional changes and 1m length, great for custom installations.


Bypass Zones

Jump sections like the stove, fridge or cabinets and extend your LIFX Z LED Strips to the right places. The LIFX Z 1m Connector is rated for 1 cable per LIFX Z Strip section.

Turn any corner

The LIFX Z 10cm connector strip is perfect for making it around corners and creating the look of continuous ambient light around benches, shelves and more.

Improve picture quality

Place the LIFX Z behind a screen for bias lighting and improve the picture you see with higher contrast and less strain on your eyes.

More than top shelf

Lighting up your bookcase or shelving is now easier than ever, iluminate row after row with the LIFX Z LED strip using the connector cables.


For orders shipping to the UK please allow 1-2 business days, or for the rest of the EU 2-6 business. For further information check the delivery page.

We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. That’s why we offer a 2 year limited warranty that covers any defects that occur from normal use within this period. For more information head to our warranty page here.

No, you don't need to be connected to the internet to turn your LIFX lights on or off. LIFX will work like a normal light if you turn them on or off at the switch. To access the colours and other features you will need an active Wifi connection.

One controller supports up to 10 LIFX Z LED Strips for a total length of 10 meters.

LIFX Z Connector Cable is not suitable for outdoor use or exposure to wet conditions. This also means it is not suitable for use in bathrooms and other areas with high moisture levels.

Learn more about about LIFX in our Support Section